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Paula’s Choice vs. NIP+FAB: Battle of the Cleansers

We compare Paula’s Choice vs. NIP+FAB, examining their ingredients & benefits to help you decide which one deserves a spot in your routine.

When it comes to skincare, choosing the right cleanser is the first step towards healthy, glowing skin. Two cleansers that are making waves in the beauty world are the Paula’s Choice Balancing Cleanser and the NIP+FAB Salicylic Fix Cleanser. But how do they stack up against each other? Here we’ll compare Paula’s Choice vs. NIP+FAB, examining their ingredients, and benefits to help you decide which one deserves a spot in your skincare routine.

Key Ingredients

Paula’s Choice

IngredientMain Benefits
Aloe VeraCalms
Makes skin appear radiant
Sunflower Seed OilSoothes
Strengthens the skin barrier

Paula’s Choice SKIN BALANCING Oil Reducing Cleanser claims to remove makeup, excess oil, and impurities without over-drying, thanks to its hydrating ingredients.


IngredientMain Benefits
Salicylic AcidSluffs off dead skin
Removes excess oil
Reduces whiteheads and blackheads
Tea Tree OilKills bacteria
Eases inflammation
Prevents signs of ageing
Reduces acne

Nip + Fab Salicylic Fix Gel Face Cleanser claims to offer deep cleansing with the added benefit of salicylic acid to help combat oil production, breakouts and congestion.

Paula’s Choice vs. NIP+FAB Cleanser: What is Best For Your Skin Type?

  • Paula’s Choice‘s gentle formula is suitable for those with normal to dry skin who want a cleanser that won’t strip away essential moisture. It effectively removes impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry, making it suitable for daily use.
  • NIP+FAB‘s cleanser is designed for individuals dealing with oiliness and acne issues, as salicylic acid can help regulate sebum production. This cleanser is particularly effective for those dealing with acne and congestion issues, providing a deeper clean.

Price Point Paula’s Choice vs. NIP+FAB Cleanser

Paula's Choice SKIN BALANCING Oil Reducing Cleanser - Facial Foaming Cleanser Fights Blackheads & Pores - Make Up Remover & Face Wash with Aloe Vera - Combination to Oily Skin - 237 ml

Paula’s Choice

Typically falls into a slightly higher price range due to its brand reputation and premium ingredients. Paula’s Choice is known for quality and research-backed products, reflecting its premium pricing.

Currently £27 on Amazon for 237ml (£11.39 /100 ml)

Nip + Fab Salicylic Fix Gel Face Cleanser with Niacinamide, Hydrating BHA Facial Cleansing Face Wash, 145 ml


Offers an affordable option for those looking to target acne-prone skin without breaking the bank. NIP+FAB aims to make effective skincare accessible to a broader audience, offering an affordable alternative.

Currently £5.99 on Amazon for 237ml (£4.13 / 100 ml)

About The Companies

Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is a renowned skincare brand founded by Paula Begoun, a beauty expert and author. The brand is known for its science-backed approach to skincare and a commitment to using effective, research-based ingredients. Paula’s Choice products often receive praise for their quality and effectiveness.


NIP+FAB is a UK-based skincare brand that focuses on creating innovative and affordable products. The brand is part of the Rodial Group and has gained popularity for its solutions-oriented approach to skincare, targeting specific skin concerns with targeted ingredients.


Both the Paula’s Choice Balancing Cleanser and the NIP+FAB Salicylic Fix Cleanser have their unique strengths, and the choice between them will depend on your skin type and specific skincare needs. Paula’s Choice is backed by a beauty expert and is known for its science-based approach, while NIP+FAB offers innovative solutions at an affordable price point.

Remember, a good cleanser is just the first step in a skincare routine. Be sure to follow up with your favourite moisturiser, serums, and sunscreen to achieve the best results for your skin. Happy cleansing! 🌟

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