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Is this the best organic vegan skincare company in 2023?


Many consumers are opting for organic and vegan skincare products to benefit both their skin health and the environment. Ethique, a pioneering company in the field, has been making waves with its range of exceptional organic vegan skincare products. Here we will explore how Ethique is challenging the skincare industry by offering some of the best organic vegan options around. In our opinion, they are the best organic vegan skincare company for 2023! Read on to find out why.

But first! What does it mean to be an organic, vegan skincare company?

Being an organic, vegan skincare company goes beyond simply offering products free from animal-derived ingredients. It signifies a commitment to a holistic approach that prioritises the health of both individuals and the planet.

An organic skincare company emphasises ingredients that are grown and processed without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic additives. By utilising organic ingredients, these companies ensure that their products are safer for the skin and promote a healthier environment.

It means that the products are completely free from animal-derived ingredients, including beeswax, lanolin, or collagen. And of course, vegan skincare companies refrain from conducting any animal testing and promote cruelty-free practices.

By combining organic and vegan principles, vegan skincare companies can assure consumers that they can nourish and care for their skin in a way that is environmentally friendly and ethically conscious. But what makes a company the best organic vegan skincare company? Read on to find out!

What makes Ethique one of the best organic vegan skincare companies?

Ethique’s Commitment to Organic Ingredients

Ethique takes pride in sourcing the finest organic ingredients for its skincare line. By utilising organic ingredients, the company ensures that its products are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic additives. Ethique’s organic approach provides its customers with the peace of mind that they are nourishing their skin with nature’s best.

Vegan Formulas for Ethical Skincare

In addition to being organic, Ethique’s skincare products are entirely vegan, meaning they are free from any animal-derived ingredients. The company’s commitment to cruelty-free and ethical practices extends beyond its products, as it also avoids testing on animals. With Ethique, consumers can enjoy a guilt-free skincare routine that aligns with their values.

Product Range

Ethique offers an extensive range of organic vegan skincare products to cater to various skin types and concerns. From shampoos and conditioners to facial cleansers and solid serums, Ethique has a solution for almost every skincare need! Every product is made with organic plant extracts and botanicals to deliver great results.

They even have ranges specially formulated for babies and pets

Environmental Sustainability

Ethique’s mission extends beyond creating organic and vegan skincare products. They are dedicated to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Unlike traditional skincare brands that often rely on plastic packaging, Ethique has embraced a zero-waste philosophy. Their products are packaged in compostable, biodegradable, and plastic-free materials, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Positive Customer Feedback

Ethique’s commitment to organic and vegan skincare has garnered praise from satisfied customers worldwide. Many have reported noticeable improvements in their skin’s health and appearance after incorporating Ethique products into their routines. The company’s dedication to transparency and authenticity has fostered a strong and loyal community of users who appreciate the effectiveness and ethical nature of Ethique’s offerings.

More reasons to love Ethique

To date, Ethique has stopped over 6 million plastic bottles from being made and disposed of in landfills. Their office is run on 100% renewable energy and they have regional warehouses in Australia, USA and UK to prevent unnecessary airfreight. All products are Certified Palm Oil Free by the Orangutan Alliance.

Ethique products we love

So we’ve made no secret of the fact that we think Ethique are the best organic vegan skincare company for 2023! Here are some of the Ethique products that we LOVE.

Ethique Quench Bar Gentle Solid Face Moisturiser. Ethique is the best organic vegan skincare company

Quench Bar Gentle Solid Face Moisturiser

This solid moisturiser is a testament to Ethique’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. The Quench Bar is infused with nourishing organic ingredients that work together to replenish the skin. It is lightweight, non-greasy and boosts hydration without feeling heavy.

About the ingredients: Niacinamide helps to balance oil production, reduce redness, and combat blemishes to promote an even skin tone and healthy-looking complexion. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 draw moisture to the skin without adding extra oil and shine. Jojoba also helps to promote smooth, healthy, and hydrated skin.

Ethique Pumice, Tea Tree & Spearmint Solid Exfoliating Body Wash Bar. Ethique is the best organic vegan skincare company

Pumice, Tea Tree & Spearmint Solid Exfoliating Body Wash Bar

Using the Pumice, Tea Tree & Spearmint Bar is a delightful experience. The pumice granules provide a gentle yet effective scrub, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. The combination of tea tree and spearmint oils offers a cooling sensation and a pleasant aroma that lingers throughout the day.

Tip: lather up on a shower pouffe rather than directly on your skin. The pumice granules could be harsh on sensitive skin.

Ethique Superstar! Solid Face Cleanser, Makeup Remover. Ethique is the best organic vegan skincare company

Superstar! Solid Face Cleanser, Makeup Remover

Using the Superstar! Cleanser is a breeze. Wet the bar and massage it onto your face to create a rich, creamy lather. Simple! The cleanser effectively breaks down even stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara and long-lasting foundation, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Simplify your skincare routine with this cleanser! It combines gentle cleansing agents with nourishing ingredients to leave your skin feeling refreshed. 

Ethique Tip-To-Toe Solid Hair Shampoo & Shaving Bar. Ethique is the best organic vegan skincare company

Tip-To-Toe Solid Hair Shampoo & Shaving Bar

This is an excellent solution for both hair care and shaving needs. This multi-purpose solid bar exemplifies Ethique’s commitment to creating innovative, eco-friendly products.

The Tip-To-Toe Bar doubles as a shaving bar. Its creamy texture allows for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience, minimising irritation and razor burn. The bar’s gentle formulation is suitable for all skin types and leaves the skin feeling soft.


Ethique has emerged as a leader in the vegan skincare sector, offering some of the best organic vegan products available. Their commitment to organic ingredients, vegan formulas, and environmental sustainability sets them apart from traditional skincare brands. By choosing Ethique, consumers can prioritise their skin’s health, their morals and their environmental impact.

Embrace the revolution in skincare by opting for Ethique’s organic vegan products, and experience the transformative power of nature’s best ingredients.


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